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We are a Brazillian agribusiness dedicated to the production and marketing of non-traditional grains, encouraging our customers  to a profitable and lasting relationship, providing seeds of the highest quality at a competitive price in order to be synonymous with quality, reliability and professionalism in agro-ecological production.



We are committed to quality and continuous improvement, we are a company clearly differentiated because we produce our own of raw materials. We support the whole process of crop development, from planting to export, control and analyze all the critical points of the process through internal control procedures and external quality, achieving complete traceability of each batch. This process guarantees the excellence of our products.


The company has a modern processing plant, located in Rua Lemos Monteiro, 125,Edifício Odebrecht São Paulo – Butantã, with a processing capacity of 3 tons per hour, reaching the highest standards of quality and purity. The plant is designed so that it can separate each processing step.
The plant infrastructure is comprised of two raw material tanks, pipe silos with assisted ventilation which allows control of temperature levels and grain humidity, with a storage capacity of 450 tons, plus a large deposit finished product . The processing area has dust extractors and is fully insulated with anti-aphids curtains, also has metal detectors, laboratory, administrative office, scales and all necessary equipment to ensure the safety of our products.

Our Products


  • Organic Black Chia Seeds
  • Organic White Chia Seeds
  • Conventional Black Chia Seeds
  • Conventional White Chia Seeds

Specifications of all our seeds

Purity: 99.95%
Humidity: 8% Max.
Presentation: 25 kg bag of paper or polypropylene.

White, Red, black and mixed grains of Royal Quinoa from South America.
Sales in bulk or small presentation for retail and/or distribution.

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Organic Certification European Union (EU), United States (NOP)